Valves Automation System

Rotary Actuator

Rotarty Actuator|Duncan Engineering LTD
  • Available in sizes 40 mm to 300 mm.
  • Torque range 4Nm to 4000Nm.
  • Compact Rack & Pinion design.
  • Hard anodized aluminum body.
  • ISO 5211 & Namur Standard mounting.

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Limit Switch Box

Limited Switch Box|Duncan Engineering LTD

Namur Solenoid Valves

Namur Solenoid Valves|Duncan Engineering LTD

Coil Avaliable in flameproof and ex proof

Coil Available in Flameproof and ex proof|Duncan Engineering LTD

Quick Exhaust Valves

Quick Exhaust Valves|Duncan Engineering LTD

De clutchable M. O. R

De Clutchable Mor|Duncan Engineering LTD

Speed Controller

Speed Controller|Duncan Engineering LTD

Integration with Ball & Butterfly Valve

Integration With Ball & Butterfly Valve|Duncan Engineering LTD